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50 years of experience in military sights production is embodied in a POSP series of scopes with illuminated reticle

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For clients


Ways of payment:

- advanced payment.


Ways of delivery:
-by air transport;
-by express mail (EMS);
-by FedEx/DHL/UPS.

Warranty repairs

Warranty is valid from 12 till 18 months (depending on kind of goods).
Repair is carried out in 14 days after receiving goods to the company.

Where to buy

'Elikon' Store: 23 Makayonok St., Minsk, Republic of Belarus.


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26 Chapayev str., Vileyka, Minsk Region, 222416, Republic of Belarus

phone (+375 1771) 3-29-69, fax (+375 1771) 3-29-52