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50 years of experience in military sights production is embodied in a POSP series of scopes with illuminated reticle

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About company

"Zenit-BelOMO" Joint Stock Company was founded in 1973 and since then it has been the largest manufacturer of optical scopes and sights on the territory of the former USSR. Specificity of the production has been kept till nowadays and this allowed to accumulate a great experience and bring the production of these products to the level of art. Optical scopes and sights with the «ПОСП» (POSP), «ПО» (PO) and «ПК» (PK) trademarks are well known all over the world due to their high quality and simple handling. The company also produces consumer goods and items for agricultural machines and motorcycles. "Zenit-BelOMO" JSC is the only manufacturer of medical electronic scales in Belarus.

A distinctive feature of "Zenit-BelOMO" JSC is to match the price and quality of products.

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26 Chapayev str., Vileyka, Minsk Region, 222416, Republic of Belarus

phone (+375 1771) 3-29-69, fax (+375 1771) 3-29-52