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50 years of experience in military sights production is embodied in a POSP series of scopes with illuminated reticle

PМ-10 Mortar sight

Distinctive features:

PМ-10 mortar sight is designed for aiming when firing with mortars.
The mortar sight can be used for all types of mortars, if the switching connection between the sight and the mortar is
Vertical and horizontal angles are carried out on corresponding handwheels and plates.
Using the mortar mechanism, the adjusted vertical and transverse levels allow you to set the mortar barrel in the appropriate position.
Aiming according to the direction is done by the viewer that has the line on itself for adjusting, with picket or some other position determining the basic direction of the mortar.

Division of the mortar sight PМ-10 is 1/6000.
The location of the vertical angles of the mortar sight is possible within the range of values from 45 to 90°.
The location of the horizontal angles is possible within 360°.
The vertical and horizontal angles are counted on a scale with a division value of 0-01.
Level sensitivity is 5’ to 7’/2 mm.
The sight has a built-in LED reticle illumination to operate at dusk and at night.
The mortar sight operates within temperature range from -30 to +60 °С.



Angular division1/6000 (mils)
Elevation angle scale0-00 to 10-00
Azimuth angle scale0-00 to 60-00
Division value, azimuth handwheel1-00 (100 mils)
Division value, azimuth plate0-01 (1 mil)
Division value, elevation handwheel1-00 (100 mils)
Division value, elevation plate0-01 (1 mil)
Bubble level sensitivity5’ to 7’
Collimator reticle and bubble level illuminationTritium source
Weight730 g

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