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Medical scales VEM-150

Distinctive features:

The scales are designed for weighing children and adults in health care facilities, using in other sectors of the economy or at home.
Nulling and reset of memory of the last weighing can be done with a computer keyboard.
Remembers value of the last weighing.
The scales can operate continuously for 16 hours.
Selects the tare weight from 0.4 kg to 10 kg.
Installation time of indications is no more than 3 sec.


Maximum weighing, kg 150
Minimum weighing, kg0,4
Limits of allowable error in the ranges, g
from 0,5 kg to 40 kg±20
from 40 kg to 100 kg±50
over 100 kg±100
Discreteness of indication and value of verification scale interval in intervals of weighing, g
from 0,5 kg to 40 kg20
over 40 kg50
Consumed power, W 15
Overall dimensions, mm 115х285х425
Weight, kg 8

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