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45 years of experience in military sights production is embodied in a POSP series of scopes with illuminated reticle

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Optical sights

The optical sights are designed for aimed shooting from hunting rifles as well as for observing objects of nature. 
Thanks to moisture resistance and anticorrosion, the sights have excellent operability even in rain and other extreme situations. 
There is a possibility of estimation of approximate distance to an object.
There is a possibility of applying lateral corrections (with respect to wind, target movement) and angular corrections (with respect to distance to an object). 
Hermetically sealed. Filling with nitrogen protects optics from sweating at temperature drops.
Operating temperature range is ± 50°C.

Decoding of signs after the name of sights:

  • М – modernized rangefinding reticle;  
  • С – there is a choice of brightness of reticle's illumination depending on conditions of insufficient visibility (twilight). For this purpose illumination of a reticle is stipulated. The colour-filter (need to be acquired separately) is intended for improvement of visibility and contrast of considered object in conditions of insufficient visibility (haze, fog, etc.). 
  • Digits 1, 2... - reticle's numbers. 

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