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KPK-AV Sighting system

Distinctive features:

Sighting system includes a PK-A collimator sight, a laser target designator and a tactical light. Sighting system allows both accurate shooting at long distances and operative shooting at short distances with the help of a spot of a laser target designator. Tactical light can provide detection and target illumination in low light. 
At the wish a user can change positions of laser target designator and a tactical light. 
KPK-AV sighting system is designed for Saiga and Vepr carbines, KPK-AT sighting system is designed for Tigr carbine. Sighting system is exposed to loads of 580g when tested on resistance to mechanical shock.


Sight visible magnification, ratio 1
Luminance range of the aiming mark 8
Sight exit pupil diameter, mm, min 20
Horizontal / vertical sight adjustment range, MOA, min ±40
Adjustment scale factor, MOA 1
Laser radiation power of laser target designator, mW 20
Spot size of laser target designator at a distance of 5 m, mm, max 5
Adjustment range of laser target designator, degrees, min 3
Luminous flux of tactical light, lm 180
Illumination in the centre of tactical light spot at a distance of 1 m, lux 3600
Sight supply voltage, V 3
Laser target designator supply voltage, V 3
Tactical light supply voltage, V 6
Power sourceCR123A - 2 pcs
Overall dimensions, mm, max 190х100х170
Weight, kg, max 0,85

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