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45 years of experience in military sights production is embodied in a POSP series of scopes with illuminated reticle

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POSP 8x42DU optical sight

Distinctive features:

The optical axis of the sight matches the axis of the weapon barrel.
The sight is resistant to high (up to 50ºС) and low (up to -40ºС) temperatures.
Resistant to dust.
The sight is water-tight and filled with nitrogen gas that prevents fogging.
The sight allows approximate estimation of the distance to an object.
The design of the sight allows sight shooting in low light conditions.
Adjustable stopper, located on the bracket, allows mounting the sight on different types of weapons (Vepr/Saiga or Tiger).
Weaver rail allows to mount small-sized attached products (laser target designator, tactical light).
There is a two-color  red and green) illumination of the reticle with adjustable brightness.
The reticles No.2 and No.3 are used.



Additional images:


Magnification, ratio 8
Angular field of view, degrees3
Lens clear aperture, mm 40
Resolution limit, sec6
Eye relief, mm 68
Exit pupil diameter, mm4,7
Linear size of field of view at a distance of 100 m, m5,2
Supply voltage, V3
Power supplyCR123A
Lateral correction click value at a distance of 100 m, cm1,5
Angles of sight click value at a distance of 100 m, cm1,5
Eyepiece adjustment range, dptr± 3
Overall dimensions, with caps, without eyeguard, mm, max.340x90x170
Weight, kg, max.0,9

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