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Tactical light FOT-2C

Distinctive features:

A tactical light is designed for detection and target illumination during observation and shooting in low visibility, and quick weapon pointing at a target in low light conditions.

A tactical light design provides protection against moisture ingress inside the product and its operability in the temperature range from minus 20 to plus 40 º C.

A tactical light reflector with a light beam angle of 12 degrees and the "moon" of 90 degrees provides a stream of light with a spot centre illumination at a distance of 1 m - 6000 lux.

Four batteries of AA type (supply voltage - 1,5 V) are used as a power supply (or four storage batteries of AA type (supply voltage - 1,2 V)).

On a tactical light body is installed a bracket for mounting on “Weaver” rail.


Luminous flux, lm 240
Objects discernibility, m, min 250
Reflector clear aperture, mm36
Light spot diameter at a distance of 100 m, m 10
Supply voltage, V 6
Overall dimensions (without a power button and a bracket), mm 127x47x57
Weight (without power source), kg, max0,2
Operating time from a set of batteries, minutes, min 60

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